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Hideaki Nishihara
Principal Investigator, Assistant Proffesor
As a neurologist, I would like to conduct research that can be returned to clinical practice.


Matsuo Kinya
assistant professor
While we interface with patients in daily clinical practice, we are advancing our BBB research using the cells they provide. I believe that this approach, made possible by iPS cells, adds significant meaning and strength to the research conducted by clinicians. From both a clinical and research perspective, I am committed to continuing my efforts to provide the very best medical care.
Nemoto Jo
graduate student
Shiota Takaya
5th year medical student
Nagata Kazuhiro
4th year medical student
Umeda Ryusei
4th year medical student
Shindo Yukinari
2nd year medical student
Fujiwara Saya
Master’s Program in Health Sciences
Nagamatsu Jun
Master’s Program in Health Sciences
Sawano Mariko